Initials: RC
date: 12-3-2011

I have long been a fan of yours.  However, I applaud the step you have made to teach God’s word.  I survived a 25 year crack cocaine addiction and am one of God’s living miracles.  I know what the power of prayer can do!  I wish your ministry many blessings in the almighty name of Jesus.

Initials: NM
date: 9-27-2011

Dear Sister Perri,
¡Muchísimas gracias por tus oraciones? Many thanks for your prayers!
My auntie’s (Shirley Britton’s) breast tumor has shrunken from the
size of a lemon to the size of a grape! I am so elated at the news!
Please continue to pray for my auntie’s complete healing.

Joy and Blessings,

Initials: Gab
date: 9-1-2011

testimonial: When evil was all around me and I was lying on the ground of the battlefield–God was there! When my enemies surrounded me to destroy me-God protected my life! I am here today because of the blood of the LAMB! Thank you Sister Perri for living for God! I too sang secular music–but now I am alive with the POWER of the Master! I was lost but know I am found!!! Thank you Jesus (YESHUA)


11 Responses to Testimonials

  1. mac

    Thank you. We have you on our distribution list and will let you know when service resumes.

    God Bless

  2. I pray to visit soon. Continue to fulfill the tasks that the Lord Jesus Christ has blessed you with.

    Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be who He created you to be.


  3. mac

    Thank you!!

    God Bless You

  4. sara

    since i was in wogcl, and put God first in my life,everything has been added. I have love, money and health. And i believe that God is the overcomer.

  5. Hattie Irving

    Hi Sister in Christ, i love what you are doing keep doing it with the Lord.

  6. Frank Ogbu

    Dear Sister Perri,

    I thank God for your life. A former music star turned minister of God is a great testimony. I am glad you hearkened to the voice of God and allowed him to use you as he pleases. My name is Frank Ogbu. I live in Accra, Ghana in West Africa. I am an writer, actor and film producer but God has called me into his vineyard to work for him as an evangelist with a prophetic gift.

    I am still very young in the ministry and one of the challenges I am facing is that I am an anointed dancer and prophetic worshiper. I used to be very confused about it but your article has helped me understand what God is doing.

    My problem however is that many people in my local church have not seen someone dancing so strongly under the influence of the Holy Spirit the way I do. The result therefore is that they see me rather as a nuisance than a tool in God’s hands. Because of this, it is difficult for them to allow the Holy Spirit express Himself the way he wants through me. It is a situation that is worrying me a lot. Please I need your advice and prayer.

    By the way, if you have plans to bring your ministry down to Africa, I would be very willing to work with you. I look forward to hearing from you soonest.

    God bless.
    Your brother in Christ,
    Frank Ogbu

  7. mac

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  9. mac

    Thank you Minerva, we are in the process of setting up feed soon as we finish developing we will notify you via email.

    God Bless

  10. Many thanks for providing really informative entries on your website. How can I find your RSS feed?

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