Initials: RC
date: 12-3-2011

I have long been a fan of yours.  However, I applaud the step you have made to teach God’s word.  I survived a 25 year crack cocaine addiction and am one of God’s living miracles.  I know what the power of prayer can do!  I wish your ministry many blessings in the almighty name of Jesus.

Initials: NM
date: 9-27-2011

Dear Sister Perri,
¡Muchísimas gracias por tus oraciones? Many thanks for your prayers!
My auntie’s (Shirley Britton’s) breast tumor has shrunken from the
size of a lemon to the size of a grape! I am so elated at the news!
Please continue to pray for my auntie’s complete healing.

Joy and Blessings,

Initials: Gab
date: 9-1-2011

testimonial: When evil was all around me and I was lying on the ground of the battlefield–God was there! When my enemies surrounded me to destroy me-God protected my life! I am here today because of the blood of the LAMB! Thank you Sister Perri for living for God! I too sang secular music–but now I am alive with the POWER of the Master! I was lost but know I am found!!! Thank you Jesus (YESHUA)


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  1. HELLO!
    My name is Paashion & and I would be honored if I could work with you.
    Please check out my website.
    God bless you!

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