Wash Your RobesThe Word of the Lord through Sister Perri 

Founder Sister Perri

The Overcomer. Somebody say “I am an Overcomer.” “I am an Overcomer.” Say it like you really mean it, “I am an Overcomer!” I am an Overcomer through Christ Jesus. You can claim it, even if you haven’t seen the end yet. Because through Christ Jesus, who is the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, He is the Alpha and the Omega: we’re with the right one, we just have to finish walking through the process. Who said it was going to be easy? He said the world was going to hate us because of Him, like they hated Him. What’s wrong with us? Well, we’re a bunch of cry babies. I’m talking about “we” (the body of Christ). Part of our job here is to cut up the “stuff” (so we can) see ourselves, so that we can become Overcomers. We have to overcome the world. (Jesus) is the Overcomer. We’ve been redeemed because of Christ Jesus and what He’s done. (However), in order for us to walk with Him and be able to step into New Jerusalem when the time comes, you must have overcome sin in your life. You’re not going to get in with a filthy robe on. He told us to “Wash Our Robes”. Which part didn’t we get? Well then take the blood and begin to wash it. Then He said “By the washing of the Word of God, more impurities will be driven out.” Don’t we know we must walk in righteousness? God is going to help us. We can do this through Christ Jesus who strengthens us, but we’re going to have to walk upright; help one another walk on the “righteous path”. We cannot get around this. We’re going to have to come through the blood. Reach out and ask God to grab a hold of us, to help us walk with Him! We’ve got to grab hold of His word about righteousness. It’s alright to be afraid, be scared, but don’t stop walking. Pray and press in for strength. He said “Wash Your Robes”. Wash Your Robes to gain entry in to a Holy Land. Then we have to (ask ourselves) “Do we believe in that word?” Well, now if we can’t totally believe, (then we have to ask ourselves) do we even believe that Jesus is Lord, Savior, Messiah? You cannot believe in part. You’ve got to believe the entire, absolute, complete, total testimony of Jesus….our Savior, our Lord! Do we believe that he died for us? Then, WASH YOUR ROBES! Place sin down and Wash Your Robes. It’s time to place self down! It’s time to let selfish sin go! It’s time to Wash Our Robes! What do we believe in? Do we only want to hear the part about what God is going to do for us…..