Sister Perri

In spite of experiencing a successful musical career with MCA Records, Grammy nominations, platinum albums, launching TLC – one of the most successful female groups in the history of pop music, Perri Reid was gripped by years of oppression and bondage. Unfulfilled by her many accomplishments, she cried out to God for direction.  In November 1997-Pebbles, MCA’s princess became Sister Perri, woman of God.  “Although I was successful along with the success, came a hell that only Jesus Christ could bring me out of” proclaims Sister Perri.  After experiencing the miracle of rebirth, she committed herself to Jesus Christ and His plan for her life.  One morning she was awakened to the statement “WOGCL”, which she soon learned stood for Women of God Changing Lives Through Christ.  Her life’s work and mission began to unfold as the Lord revealed to her that she was chosen to impact the lives of others through the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She began to understand that she was purposed to minister the reality of Christ’s redeeming and delivering power.  In spite of having no formal training or biblical instruction, Sister Perri moved forward in reliance upon the power and aid of the Holy Spirit.  As a result of her faith, extended periods of prayer, fasting, and diligent study, she is a woman walking by the power of God in a changed life, and seeks to help others do the same.