In 1998, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me to start W.O.G.C.L. – Women of God Changing Lives Through Christ. I was told to conduct Tuesday night meetings which began this move of God.

Then in 1999, I received a vision from the Lord and He showed me what was to come. I saw a large beautiful building and inside it was a huge auditorium where Tuesday Night Services were to be held.

Enclosed in this massive building complex was the W.O.G.C.L. Deliverance  Institute. In one part of the building was several class rooms designed for others to learn how to become deliverance workers, where they were trained, equipped and activated in their giftings through a W.O.G.C.L. Deliverance Institute training program. Upon completion of the training course, I saw myself laying hands, and imparting gifts through the power of the Holy Ghost into their lives and then they were sent out to do the work of the Lord.

I saw a small group of people gathered on the ground and “aid workers” in white nursing attire. I then asked the Lord what this was and He said this was a short term, in-stay group that needed more in depth help. In addition, there were separate rooms where people were ministering deliverance and inner healing to the people of God.

The Lord said that people would come from all over the world to be set free and taught how to maintain their freedom, and that a remnant of His chosen vessels would be trained on how to free others through the Institute. These would be dispatched throughout the world to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Lord gave me a second vision of a large tree that had its roots deep in the ground. This tree had huge beautiful branches with a variety of fruit on each branch. The Lord said this represents the multiple giftings associated with this move of God.

W.O.G.C.L. operates under a prophetic / apostolic mantle which is evident in the worship, teaching, deliverance, healing, training, equipping and empowering of the saints to do the work of the ministry. It is a ministry of wonder, worship and war.

Now, as we celebrate our eighth year, the vision of the Deliverance Institute is finally being birthed.